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The Eastern Region of Ghana is a rich blend of dramatic landscapes, historic relics and traditional cultures. The ancient blends with the 20th century in this region so close to but such a contrast with Accra.

​Many visitors’ introduction to the Eastern Region is the Botanical Gardens at Aburi, which was opened in 1890, and has always been a favorite excursion from Accra. The Botanical Gardens offers a rich collection of tropical flora which attracts scores of birds and butterflies. The tranquil paths are a popular excursion for our city dwellers.


Aburi Botanical Gardens

Boti Falls

Umbrella Rock

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​Continue for a 90 minute drive and we will reach Boti Falls. This spectacular seasonal waterfalls features two falls, side-by-side and are accessed via a scenic descent via 250 concrete steps to the bottom of the falls. This waterfall was first to be enlisted by the national Tourist Board because of its magnificent nature.  

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