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The Central Region is the former government center of the Gold Coast. Cape Coast was the seat of the British colonial administration up until 1877. The coastline is famous for its ancient forts and castles built by early European traders, and three of them at Elmina, St. Jago and Cape Coast have been identified as World Heritage Monuments by the World Heritage Foundation under UNESCO.

The most popular excursion out of Accra is to the former slave castle at Cape Coast, which can be done in during a day trip. Give yourself time to also visit the rainforest canopy walkway at nearby Kakum National Park. Learn more about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade through slave routes and the site they had their last bath, and held as captives in the dungeons before finally being "shipped off" to a world unknown. See the tombs of two slaves returned from the USA and Jamaica whose return rebranded "the Door of No Return" as "the Door of Return!"



Assin Manso Slave River

Kakum National Park

Cape Coast Castle


Traditional meals provided at Cape Coast Restaurant


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